Apanasana is a great posture to do for quite literally relieving wind as the name suggests and if you are suffering with any other digestive issues such as bloating or indigestion.  I can testify to this when I got very bad heartburn. The pain was excruciating but instead of reaching for the Rennies, I did quite a few rounds of Apanasana and as if by magic, the heartburn dispersed.  I was so pleased that I’d found a tool to use to relieve this painful condition rather than having to resort to taking medication.

Apanasana is also a good posture for warming up and flexing the hip joints, lengthening in the lower back and the quadriceps, strengthening the abdominal muscles and it’s great for calming the body if we are feeling a little stressed or anxious.  It’s also fantastic for connecting the mind with the breath as we move in and out of the posture, exhaling as we draw the knees in to the chest and inhaling as we take the knees away from the chest and also for mind body connection by noticing how the body is feeling in the hips and if it feels any different on one side to the other. This can be better witnessed by drawing one knee into the chest at a time.

It’s essential in a yoga practice to warm up in the joints and muscles to get the blood circulating around the body and the synovial fluid moving around the joints to lubricate them and also to prepare for more challenging postures and particularly any weight bearing postures such as standing and balance postures so we don’t cause any injuries.   

If you have a lower back or knee injury then a modification is Balasana (Child’s pose) or a gentle clasp of the hamstring without over bending the knees.  The head and lower back can be supported with a blanket.