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Beautiful Hands & Feet

Manicures and pedicures give you that well-groomed look and your hands are often the first thing that people notice.  Improve the appearance and condition of your hands, feet and nails with one of our gorgeous manicures and pedicures.

We use OPI nail polish in our manicures and pedicures. Starting in 2006, OPI has been producing updated nail products to appeal to the female market who want non-toxic nail treatments.  The reformulated nail products lack any trace of toluene, dibutyl or formaldehyde.

OPI manicure Huddersfield
Gelish GEL manicure Huddersfield

We also use Gelish nail polish which provides a manicure and pedicure that promises to be chip free for two weeks or more finishing with Gelish cuticle oil to rehydrate and restore the cuticles and the skin surrounding the nail with a unique blend of grapeseed oil, Kukui nut oil, Sesame and Vitamin E.  Gel polish is cured under UV or LED lights to dry.

Gelish was the first brush in bottle gel polish ever invented.  The innovative Gelish system is still the best on the market no matter who else followed.

Luxury Manicure

Includes exfoliation, heated mittens and massage.

60 minutes, £25.00


Luxury Pedicure

Includes exfoliation, heated mittens and massage.

75 minutes, £28.00


Restorative Manicure

Includes file, cuticle work and polish.

30 minutes, £19.00


Restorative Pedicure

Includes file, cuticle work and polish.

30 minutes, £19.00


File and Polish

20 minutes, £10.00


Gelish Polish Application

Add £5 per treatment


Gel Soak Off




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