Sound Healing

What is sound healing?

Sound healing is a holistic therapy treatment that focuses on the body as a whole.  Sound has vibratory effects on cells and organs, emotional effects on the brain and taps into our spiritual aspect.   The power of the vibration, or sound is related to the volume of molecules that it moves.  More powerful vibrations can be felt in the physical domain, whereas some of the finer sound vibrations may be sensed in the more subtle energy fields of the body.  Mind-body communication occurs on the deepest levels of cellular function and they are not only connected, they are unified.

Our inner environment functions most efficiently when all our systems are in fine-tuned balance.  In this state of harmony, our cells, organs, hormones, and other biochemical factors work together to maintain healthy defences against disease and proper functioning of all our broader biological systems – cardiovascular, lymphatic, endocrine, nervous and immune.  The human being remains healthy through a self-regulating system of balance, or homeostasis. Once everything is in balance; healing life force energy (prana, the basic energy of life that exists in everything) can flow unhindered.

Using sound and rhythm, we can lull our brainwaves into a more relaxed state, so we enter an altered state of consciousness (ASC).   Entering different ASCs is a part of our body’s daily routine and important for our well-being as the mind and body need time in lower brainwave states for optimum health.   Being in an (ASC) can help us to shift physical, mental, emotional and behavioural blockages.  When we are in an ASC, we bypass our rational, thinking mind and tap into our subconscious mind (our inner wisdom) which can open up new ideas and possibilities to us.  An ASC can also give relief from or soften symptoms of a condition, illness or disease.

Throughout the day, we naturally move into different brainwave states which determine how alert we are.  There is a direct link between our predominant brainwave state, our heart rate and our breathing rate.  When we become stressed or anxious, our predominant brainwaves speed up, our heart rate goes up and generally, so does our breathing rate and our sympathetic nervous system (SNS) is activated.  We become more alert and ready for action which is the body’s natural defence mechanism and kicks in when it is needed, for example, when we are going for a job interview or perhaps visiting the dentist but when the body is in a permanently stressed state, our SNS is permanently activated and this can manifest as disease, aches and pains, tightness and stiffness in the body.  By altering our brainwave state, our parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) is activated, overriding the SNS, thereby calming the body by lowering the heart rate and deepening and slowing the breathing rate.  Blood pressure and blood sugar levels begin to regulate bringing the body back into balance (homeostasis) not only on a physical level but also on an emotional, mental and spiritual level.

The science of sound – each sound and frequency has its own geometric shape (cymatics), so what you see is a physical representation of vibration, or how sound manifests into form through the medium of various materials. These cymatic images are truly awe-inspiring, not only for their visual beauty in representing the fundamental responsiveness of matter to sound, but also because they inspire a deep recognition that we, too, are part and parcel of this same complex and intricate vibrational matrix.

Here’s what one of my clients had to say about their first sound healing session:

“My first treatment with Amanda at Pura Vida was such a healing experience. A wonderful Sound Healing session which was just amazing.

I have booked my next appointment for this week. A very healing atmosphere and Amanda has so much knowledge”.

Shamanic Drumming Session

The drum is a great instrument to use to take you on a journey – visualisation by putting you into an altered state of consciousness, altering the brainwaves from gamma – high level brainwave activity – focus, concentration, learning, hyper awareness, bliss state or beta – fully alert – daily activities and chores, work mode to theta – light sleep, dream state, subconscious mind, REM sleep to delta – deep sleep where the brain is shut down from the outside world.  We can use the speed of the drum beat to influence our brainwave state (brainwave entrainment) and may also notice physiological differences in our bodies i.e., changes in the heart or breathing rate, bringing them into synchronisation with the drum as your body resonates at the same frequency. The drum is a very physical instrument and displaces a larger volume of air so the larger the drum, the more resonance will be generated. We can use the drum to give the body a sonic massage as the resonances are felt strongly in the body.

Choose from a relaxing/grounding session or an energising/stimulating session if something needs to be brought up to be released.  The treatment can be focused around particular chakras (wheel or vortex of energy) according to the client’s needs.

Drumming is great for pain relief as the chemicals in the brain change and more dopamine/serotonin is produced.  45 minutes of drumming can drastically reduce pain.

Himalayan Singing Bowls

There are two types of singing bowls – hand beaten and machined.  Hand beaten bowls have one fundamental note and several subtle partial tones.  It is the combination of these tones that gives each bowl its unique sound and its characteristic warbling sound.  This is because the hand beaten bowls are very uneven and have a varying thickness of walls which creates their unique sound.  Machined bowls have an even thickness to their walls and produce one fundamental note with very few or no overtones (partials) and produce a very precise, pure tone and can be tuned to a note. The sound is like that of a crystal bowl or a bell.

The bowls can either be dinged or made to sing or both and they are played according to the type of session chosen – either a relaxing/grounding session or an energising/uplifting session.  There are certain notes of bowls that correspond with each chakra and they can be placed on the chakras on the body and dinged to clear blockages allowing the energy to flow unhindered around the body, releasing aches and pains, tightness or tension.



The gong is a very powerful instrument and there are several different types.  The gongs we use are The Chau or earth gong which is great for grounding and relaxation sessions as it is more contained and the wind gong which is fantastic for more energising sessions as it is more expansive.  Depending on how the gongs are struck and played and the mallets used to strike the gongs also determines how the sessions are constructed.  Choose from a relaxing/grounding session or an energising/stimulating session.


Vocal toning is a simple yet powerful way to alter our consciousness by transforming energy. Toning and over toning influence the Vagus nerve which is the largest nerve in the body thereby improving and balancing the nervous system and slowing brain waves down from alpha, to theta then delta (deep sleep) and balancing the left and right hemispheres of the brain allowing us to be more focused.  It also influences the pituitary gland which controls our organs and the pineal gland, so it is a great tool to use for anxiety and depression.  Different vowels can be used for each chakra clearing blockages, bringing the body back into balance.



1:1 Sessions

90 minutes – £60.00 for initial session including thorough consultation

60 minutes – £45.00 per session thereafter

2:1 sessions

90 minutes – £75.00 for initial session including thorough consultation

60 minutes – £60.00 per session thereafter

1:1 and 2:1 sessions are a really focused way of working together on a deeper, more personal level to assist you in transcending deep rooted blockages that may be holding you back in life.  I will guide you towards living a healthier lifestyle by suggesting tools, tips and techniques that you can use in your own environment, taking ownership for your actions so you are able to continue with the valuable work after the sessions.  I will also offer support to enable you to live a life aligned with who you truly are by connecting with your inner-essence.

Take some well deserved time in today’s chaotic world just for you to relax, rejuvenate, restore, balance and heal your mind, body, soul and spirit – just be rather than doing.

I firmly believe that prevention is better than cure and regular 1:1 sessions can help you build resilience and develop emotional intelligence. We also work with mindfulness, intention setting and reflection techniques to help develop an understanding of what is going on for you at any given time.

A combination of different instruments can be tailored to your specific requirements and sessions can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.  Combinations that work particularly well together are voice and drum, reiki and voice, gong and voice or a combination of all instruments can be used in a 1:1 session if we feel that will produce the best outcome for your needs.  This will be determined in the consultation process where we will discuss any emotional, physical, mental or spiritual issues that you would like to address, empowering personal transformation.


Drumming circles or therapeutic group sound healing sessions are £15.00 per person per session and typically last for an hour.  Half or full day workshops are also on offer and you can build your own package by incorporating any of the services we offer in combination with therapeutic sound healing – prices to be negotiated – let’s have an informal chat.

The group sessions we offer are grounding, balancing and deeply relaxing and induce feelings of serenity, inner peace and calmness.

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